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    Water Baptism At Pawnee Lake 

  • stephen@ufoundme.com 7:18 pm on July 20, 2003 Permalink | Reply  

    Water Baptism At Pawnee Lake 

    This Sunday, our church had a 1 year anniversay and celebrated with a water baptism and picnic. Toni, Alexis, and I were among those who were baptised.

    Why be baptised?

  • Kid’s Crusade Photos Added 

  • stephen@ufoundme.com 9:46 pm on July 19, 2003 Permalink | Reply  

    Kid’s Crusade Photos Added 

    A few weeks ago, our church (Resurrection Church, formerly Christian Life Fellowship) had a Kid’s Crusade. It was very fun for the kids; Alexis and her little friend (from next door) had a blast!

  • Life turned upside-down 

  • stephen@ufoundme.com 11:46 am on July 15, 2003 Permalink | Reply  

    Life turned upside-down 

    In the last month or so, we’ve lost my wedding ring, my wallet, missed critical appointments and meetings. This isn’t normal for us. Or, at least, it has never been this bad. Seems like we could be doing more, but we just keep spinning our wheels.

    Ever have a day/week/month/year/life like that?

  • 10 classic resume bloopers 

  • stephen@ufoundme.com 7:49 pm on July 7, 2003 Permalink | Reply  

    10 classic resume bloopers 

    Kinda funny.

    “10 classic resume bloopers, culled from real-life resumes of job seekers from all levels, industries and career fields:”

    Source: http://editorial.careers.msn.com/articles/resumebloopers/

    1. “Revolved customer problems and inquiries.” Just what every employer is looking for — an expert in passing the buck.
    2. “Consistently tanked as top sales producer for new accounts.” Sales managers aren’t likely to be impressed with this self-proclaimed underachiever.
    3. “Dramatically increased exiting account base, achieving new company record.” If customer accounts were leaving in droves as this statement implies, it’s probably fair to assume that this candidate also tanked as a top sales producer.
    4. “Planned new corporate facility at $3 million over budget.” Every hiring manager is searching for employees who exceed budgets by millions of dollars.
    5. “Directed $25 million anal shipping and receiving operations.” Either this person is showcasing compulsively stubborn management qualities, or he has a challenging product packaging/storage problem.
    6. “Participated in the foamation of a new telecommunications company.” This job seeker was also in charge of bubble control.
    7. “Promoted to district manger to oversee 37 retail storefronts.” This is a common resume typo. There must be literally thousands of mangers looking for jobs in today’s modern world. Here’s a tip: Use your word-processing program’s find/replace feature to quickly correct this common mistake. You can also modify your application’s spelling dictionary so it won’t recognize the word “manger.”
    8. “Experienced supervisor, defective with both rookies and seasoned professionals.” Many of us have had a boss like this at some point in our careers, but you usually don’t find them being so up-front about their leadership inadequacies.
    9. “I am seeking a salary commiserate with my training and experience.” There are a couple problems with this statement. To begin with, salary requirements don’t belong on a resume. Secondly, a salary should be “commensurate” with experience (meaning proportionate to), not “commiserate” with (meaning to express sympathy for).
    10. “Seeking a party-time position with potential for advancement.” Sounds like a fun job.
  • Kim Komando’s PDA Preference 

  • stephen@ufoundme.com 1:17 am on July 7, 2003 Permalink | Reply  

    Kim Komando’s PDA Preference 

    I just found a great write up about PDAs; I thought I’d share part of it.

    PDAs are fun little gadgets. But I found it very difficult to create any content in Word or Excel using a stylus. Of course, you can always buy a fold-up keyboard and type away at normal speed. Still, in my opinion, it’s very difficult to edit anything on a 3-inch screen. It’s even more difficult to edit something using only a stylus.

    Personally, I prefer the Pocket PC because the Windows system is familiar. Its handwriting-recognition program is fantastic and I was able to pick it up and start writing immediately. Learning the Palm’s Graffiti seemed as difficult as learning the Russian alphabet might be. It’s just not very intuitive.

    I like the idea of a hybrid cell phone/PDA. I would bet that a majority of owners probably only use their PDAs to store phone numbers or to play games when stranded at the airport. It makes sense to combine the two handheld products into one.

    But when it comes to full-fledged business applications, you can’t beat the power of a real laptop computer.

    Source: http://www.bcentral.com/articles/komando/129.asp

  • Are we really committed? 

  • stephen@ufoundme.com 7:21 pm on July 6, 2003 Permalink | Reply  

    Are we really committed? 

    I just read something humerous; thought I’d share it with you:


    “I began dating at 13, but I didn’t have a serious relationship until I was 15. One morning at breakfast, no doubt triggered by a conversation with my girlfriend the night before, I asked my father about the difference between being involved and being committed. He was eating bacon and eggs. He pointed to his plate and said, “The chicken is involved; the pig is committed.” “

  • Back from Church 

  • stephen@ufoundme.com 12:31 pm on July 6, 2003 Permalink | Reply  

    Back from Church 

    Welp. Just got back from church. Paster Bernie spoke about “dark” times in our lives, and trials, and how Christians aren’t excluded from “trying times” in life.

    … I hope it wasn’t a sign of things to come.

  • First Weblog (aka "Blog") 

  • stephen@ufoundme.com 11:03 pm on July 5, 2003 Permalink | Reply  

    First Weblog (aka "Blog") 

    Here we go …

    Well. I just finished configuring Blogger (http://www.blogger.com). I hope it will allow me to enter short descriptions of things (thoughts, rants, etc) and allow me to put them out on our web site.

    It took me awhile, but I figured out how to make these pages fit into our site’s “look and feel”. It even displays in Netscape 4!

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