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    No shortage of news. 

  • stephen@ufoundme.com 11:14 am on July 31, 2006 Permalink | Reply  

    No shortage of news. 

    Israel keeps bombing Lebanon. Hezbollah keeps attacking Israel. The Taliban is still a working terrorist organization. Osama Bin Laden hasn’t been found. Saddam is alive and defiant in his court case. North Korea is testing missiles. Temperatures soar into triple digits. Iraqi insurgents still killing US marines. Iran keeps financing terrorist groups. 130,000 troops in Iraq. Illegal immigrants keep flooding the US.

    In order to keep up with the news, I listen to NPR on my way to work. I also watch/listen to CNN Pipeline. CNN Pipeline is a subscription based internet broadcast. They have 4 ‘pipes’ which feed news from CNN. Each pipe has something different. The subscription costs $25 a year. It’s really good service. I can just let it play while listening/watching. I never have to click on anything or watch an ad.

  • Our Updated Living Room 

  • stephen@ufoundme.com 10:45 pm on July 27, 2006 Permalink | Reply  

    Our Updated Living Room 

    Over the last few months, we’ve been updating our living room. We’ve added these things:

    * a new couch and love seat
    * new glass coffee table and end tables
    * a decorative floor rug to match new tables
    * a 42″ plasma TV
    * a custom wall unit (extension; shelving)
    * candles, flowers, and greenery
    * new audio receiver, tall boy speakers, subwoofer
    * family photos with sleek decorative frames

    I will be posting images of each piece updated — in our Photos section soon. I will also be posting the updates we’ve made to our dining room, office, and bedrooms in the next few months.

  • "Hooked on Star Trek" worked for me. 

  • stephen@ufoundme.com 8:04 am on July 27, 2006 Permalink | Reply  

    "Hooked on Star Trek" worked for me. 

    For the last couple months, we’ve been watching the Star Trek Voyager series. We started by signing up for a free trial period of Blockbuster On-Line. We got to rent 3 DVDs at a time. So far, we’ve rented season 1 and season 2. We’ve just started into season 3. Last night, we watched DVD #2 of season #3. There seems to be 6-7 DVDs for each season. There’s 4 episodes per DVD. (We’ve also been copying each DVD using DVD Shrink. Shhhh. Don’t tell anyone! Nobody reads our blogs anyway!)

    The ‘gist’ of Star Trek Voyager is the crew gets pushed 75 years away from earth. They end up travelling through a quadrant of space that has yet to be explored by humans. Along the way, they pick up a few passengers and make a number of enemies. Our favorite episodes usually involve the Borg (enemy robot-like race), alternate dimensions, and time-travel. We got hooked on Star Trek way back in the day (high school / college).

    We’re such nerds.

    • Kelly Moore 8:35 am on July 27, 2006 Permalink

      I struggled with this show. How is it possible that the other crews didn’t make it this far out. I know that kirk, picard, and that other one (coffee, damnit) certainly hyper jumped into some far out places.

      Of course, putting that aside. I enjoy the show. I want more star trek movies.

    • Steve 8:54 am on July 27, 2006 Permalink

      I hear that they’re making the next Star Trek movie. Possibly ‘Star Trek XI’. I don’t know which crew will be in the movie. Possibly Voyager. Maybe Next Generation.

  • Website Names We Own 

  • stephen@ufoundme.com 10:33 am on July 25, 2006 Permalink | Reply  

    Website Names We Own 

    Here’s a list of web sites we own. Most of them don’t go anywhere. But we own the name. For now, I’ve just pointed most of them to UFoundMe.com. Here is a list of those sites:


    CornhuskerSolutions.com (deleted)
    RecipeTrade.com (deleted)
    PocketInventory.Net (deleted)
    rezchurch.com (deleted)
    DancingRich.com (deleted)
    LincolneBay.com (deleted)
    RegisterFlyisbad.com (deleted)
    vs2007.COM (deleted)
    Sportscourts2.com (deleted)
    TechieBookstore.com (deleted)
    WebServicesBus.com (deleted)

  • What happened to this guy?!?!?! 

  • stephen@ufoundme.com 11:25 pm on July 24, 2006 Permalink | Reply  

    What happened to this guy?!?!?! 

    This was a picture of me back in Jr. High or High School. About 15 years and 70 lbs. ago! I don’t remember who actually took this picture or where I got it. I remember that I was sitting in the front seat of the Minatare, NE A/G church running the sound equiptment (when someone caught me by surprise). I really liked that shirt. I wore it a lot. It’s really funny what we remember and what we don’t. Posted by Picasa

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