What’s new in Visual Studio 2015 (Preview)

Microsoft released some new information about new features coming in Visual Studio 2015.   Here’s my quick-hit notes that I wrote down:

  1. Save customized “Window Layout” schemes. Create and re-apply customized window layouts in Visual Studio IDE.
  2. Error List grid has better column filters. Include/Exclude certain types of values.
  3. Error List grid has new “Code” column which includes a hyperlink that corresponds with that error or warning.
  4. Error List grid will include Code Analysis issues in real-time (shown as Warnings).
  5. Light Bulb “tips” in editor, which will include shortcuts/suggestions/quick code suggestions (with preview mode)
  6. Editor supports touch gestures, for touch enabled devices.
  7. Breakpoints – set additional actions/conditions pertaining to a breakpoint (in peek mode).
  8. “Perf Tip” features (such as how long time functions time run) will be shown inline in editor. Brining profile information upfront to editor.
  9. LAMBDA debugging in Watches/Immediate (debugger windows)

You can download Visual Studio 2015 Preview here – http://www.visualstudio.com/downloads/visual-studio-2015-downloads-vs