Creating Pre-Release NuGet Package

Before creating a pre-release version of a NuGet package, you should be comfortable with creating a brand new NuGet package, or at least modifying one. With this example, I’m assuming you already have a NuGet package build process setup, with an associated .nuspec file.

You can create pre-release NuGet packages by adding an arbitrary string after the version number immediately following the version number. For example:


If you’re using a TFS build process to trigger the NuGet builds, you may also need to update the “Version or Version Seed File Path” parameter.

As long as there’s this string after the version number, NuGet servers will assume this is a pre-release version of the associated NuGet package. It will continue to show the stable version as the “newest” version available, unless you tell your NuGet client / package viewer to specifically show you (and then choose to download) a pre-release version.